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Our Background

Asia Human Resource Development Center (Cambodia) is a center supported by Hong Kong Alliance Mission (HKAM). Through God’s compassion, the staff at HKAM and other servants of other co-mission groups see the poverty of the Cambodian people and the reconstruction of the needs of the Cambodian society in all aspects. Moreover, many Cambodian people were uneducated, mainly caused by the killing of well-educated people during the Cambodian Democratic Regime. As a result, the staff at HKAM and other servants of co-mission groups were sent by God to Cambodia to help rebuild the country.

Dr. Andrew, his wife, Josephine, and other missionaries had contributed their lives for the great mission in Cambodia. Dr. Andrew was sent by God to begin the work in Asia HRDC (Cambodia). The center was developed in July, 1998 for serving God by sharing the good news of Jesus, providing trainings through different projects cooperated with national and international organisations, and helping to rebuild the Khmer society in the long term. Moreover, the center aims at helping Cambodian to develop better personalities and spirits to serve the country.

Asia HRDC was recognized by the Royal of government with a government’s license number 384 listed in May 8, 2000 and the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports was certificated 3229 in November 18, 2003 by the Municipality.

From 1998 to 2000, Asia HRDC opened English and Chinese short courses. In 2002, we also opened more Computer and longer English courses. Since further qualifications are required for students to compete in local job markets, we started the Multi-Skills Program (MSP) in late 2004. The MSP aims to provide scholarships for poor students in particular.