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School-year-end 3-day staff meeting

meetingSchool-year-end 3-day staff meeting of Asia HRDI took place from October 18-20, 2016. It was an occasion to reflect on what’s been done in the past school year and also to formulate department plans for the coming school year. Programs included singspiration, devotions, team-building activities, discussions, movie time and lunch fellowship.

Day 1 focused on “looking back”. Each department evaluated their work in the last 12 months. Inter-department suggestions were also given to affirm and encourage one another.

Day 2 focused on “looking ahead”. Each department made plans for the coming school year. Under the guidance of each department head everyone had a chance to contribute ideas to a more effective and productive school year.

Day 3 focused on listening to different departments’ plans and praying for one another. We also had the chance to watch a movie about strengthening relationships.